Life of the team

"Lituanica - Vilnius Lyceum Robotics" and "Lituanica NEON" tested their robots in European robotics championship in the Netherlands. Congratulations goes to "Lituanica Vilnius Lyceum Robotics", securing an impressive third place in the first semifinals! 


Two Lituanica X teams, namely "Lituanica NEON" and "Lituanica - Vilnius Lyceum Robotics", embarked on their journey to the European robotics competition in Eindhoven. 


Over the recent weekend, the Lituanica X team, Argon, harnessed the resources of the makerspace at the National Library, while Vilnius Lyceum Robotics used the facilities provided by the Energy and Technical Museum. 


Lituanica X will organize LTX games for FTC and Lego robotics, as well as for Scratch entusiasts! Games will take place on December 9 in TECHIN.


Lituanica X achieved another first – this time, on the TEDx stage!


Lituanica X achieved another first – this time, on the TEDx stage! Julius Augustaitis passionately narrated our team's story during TEDxYouth@VIS in April. We are thrilled to finally share video of his talk with the world. Julius illuminated the enduring motivation behind our remarkable 6-year journey, and our robot played a big role on the stage too. Bravo, Julius! Let's applaud Vilnius International School for orchestrating this incredible event!

We are Team Lithuania


While our desire for medals is undeniable, we also recognize that the journey and knowledge gained during the pursuit of excellence hold greater significance than the mere luster of those medals. In this instance, the coveted gold at the FIRST Global Challenge was claimed by teams from China, Eritrea, Vietnam, and a remarkable "Hope" team, comprised of refugees residing in various nations.

Lituanica X Singapore squad wrote another noteworthy chapter in Lithuanian robotics history! What's more, a delightful surprise awaited them as they were awarded with a special Social media award, acknowledging their exceptional contribution to the promotion of robotics!

Examples of robot matches in Singapore! 


Team joyfully entered the FIRST Global Challenge arena in Singapore! 


Lituanica X - Team Lithuania joyfully entered the FIRST Global Challenge arena in Singapore! This time, there are even four girls in the five-member team! In the video, from left to right, we see Eglė Rupeikytė, Agnė Dundulytė, Nida Kirdulytė, and Agnė Silevičiūtė. May your courage and determination serve as an example to all Lithuanian girls! Also, respect to the great member-mentor of the team, Povilas Kulis! All of Lituanica X in Lithuania is chanting for you "Lie-tu-va! Lie-tu-va! Lie-tu-va!" 

Lituanica X arrived to FIRST Global Challenge in Singapore! 


New robotics season kicked off in true tradition, as the resounding "LIE-TU-VA" chant echoed through a packed arena. It was a genuinely historic event, featuring 13 robots from 5 different countries, presented in all glory to an enthusiastic crowd of future and present makers and inventors.


We extend a warm salute to our friendly national robotics teams from Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Ukrainian Robotics Team for coming such a long way to Lithuanian capital Vilnius to have training together and share joint excitement about robotics! 


New robotics season KICK-OFF was WOW event!


Welcome to Lithuania, our cherished Ukrainian Robotics Team! After an arduous 24-hour bus journey, our friends from Ukraine have arrived in Vilnius, tired but brimming with enthusiasm. Tomorrow, we eagerly anticipate their presence at the KICK-OFF! 


Lituanica X took part in the Vilnius Marathon 5 km run. We run to the future of robotics! 


Lituanica X in the International Community Festival "Vilnius is my City."  


Lituanica X members, Dainius Užusenis and Rokas Kirdulis, had their own moment in the spotlight at the International Community Festival "Vilnius is my City." This presented yet another fantastic opportunity to underscore the significance of robotics and the importance of engaging young minds in creative and STEM-related pursuits. Did you know that Vilnius, the vibrant capital of Lithuania, is a city where 1 in every 10 residents hails from a different corner of the world? We hope this diversity will spark more ideas, innovations and inventions! And we believe that Lituanica X will be important part of this process! 

As part of preparation for FIRST Global, Lituanica X had an exceptional meeting with one of Lithuania's most prominent officials – Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, the Speaker of the Seimas (Lithuanian Parliament). It is truly inspiring to witness the genuine enthusiasm displayed by the nation's top politician towards matters of education and STEM.


Lituanica X was invited by Donalda Meiželytė, Vice-mayor of Lithuanian capital Vilnius, to discuss over lunch developments of robotics in Lithuania and tell more about FIRST Global competition in Singapore! 


Lituanica X visited National robotics team of Switzerland. Last year, both teams emerged victorious at FIRST Global Challenge 2022, with Beliz and Botswana teams!  


Lituanica X took part in the robotics competition "Bucharest Twin Cup" 


Lituanica X - Team Lithuania is broadening its geographical footprint! Over the past weekend, our team members Nida Kirdulyte and Rokas Kirdulis proudly represented Lithuania in the international robotics competition "Bucharest Twin Cup" held in Romania.

Moreover, the invitation to join the prestigious FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) event is a true honor for us. The FTC league serves as the platform for robots of up to half a meter in size, attracting participation from more than 6000 teams globally each year.

Being able to act as ambassadors of Lithuania in the global robotics arena is an immensely gratifying experience. We look forward to showcasing our skills and contributing to the advancement of robotics!

Team Lithuania 2023 profile video prepared for FIRST Global Challenge in Singapore. By watching this video you can learn more about our team and see some beautiful sights of Lithuania. 


Team Lithuania 2023 received the ROBOT KIT. Our team made a video of unboxing the package. We can not wait and starting build our FIRST Global Challenge robot.


With this picture we want to show kindness and respect to other participanting teams by saying “We are all one”. We can’t wait to meet all FIRST Global Challenge teams in Singapore!


Team Lithuania (Lituanica X - Team Lithuania) and Team Ukraine (Ukrainian Robotics Team) of FIRST Global Challenge met for the "Team meetup"