Lithuanian ambassadors in the world of robotics

Lituanica X after 2023-2024 robotic season KICK-OFF ready for TAKE-OFF! 5 towns, more than 10 schools and more than 50 members! Let’s have fun and make some awesome robots!!!

"Lituanica X" was created in 2018. The team competes in different robotics leagues of FIRST global movement ( The biggest achievement so far - golden medal in unofficial world robotics olimpics "First Global Challenge" in 2022. The team unites motivated families from different towns. 


Lituanica X sends to FIRST Global Challenge 2023 in Singapore team dominated by girls. We hope it will set example for all technology-passioned girls.

15 March 2023. Lituanica X awarded the highest award of Lithuanian capital Vilnius given to school students! The award was given by the mayor on the Independence day.

9 March 2023. Lituanica X presented lecture on robotics during the biggest online lessons project „Mokonomika“! Hundreds thousands of viewers joins the lessons each year.

4 February 2023. “Engineering Day” and FIRST Lego League regional event organized by Lituanica X gathered more than hundred future engineers and inventors in Vilnius! 

2022/2023. Representing Lithuania in First Tech Challenge European competition in the Netherlands. Winners of league meeting in Delft!

2022. Winners of First Global Challenge

First Global Challenge is world robotics olimpic games for school students. It was organized in Geneva in October 2022.

With founder of global FIRST robotics movement, inventor Dean Kamen

2022. Special prize for First Lego League robot design in World championship

"Lituanica X" represented Lithuania in First Robotics Championship in Houston in April 2022

2022. Best Lithuanian First Lego League team

Team presented new 2021/2022 First Lego League season in Delfi TV

Other achievements

2021. Part of Team Lithuania 

2021. Special prize

2020. Winners

2019. Best First lego league team of Vilnius

2019. Special prize

2019. Special prize